Guidelines for Submission

Ovidius publishes a single issue per year, and submissions are accepted throughout the year. Accepted papers are published individually at as soon as the final set of proofs has been checked and approved by the Author(s).

Articles may be written in English, French, German, and Italian. Editors, however, cannot take responsibility for undertaking line-by-line correction of a text in which the Author is not fluent. Each article is preceded by an abstract in English and (where relevant) in the language in which it is written.

Although there is no fixed word-limit, Authors are encouraged not to exceed a total of 12,000 words (notes included, bibliography excluded).

Ovidius is especially interested in encouraging and supporting the work of insecure members of the profession, including junior scholars, graduate students, and those without permanent academic posts.

By submitting to Ovidius, contributors vouch for the originality of their work, the accuracy of the information they present, and the lack of any conflicts of interest affecting their work.  Authors remain solely responsible for an article’s contents. Submission also implies acceptance of the validity of the Ovidius review process. 

Contributors undertake not to submit the same piece of work elsewhere until a decision on its acceptance is reached by Ovidius. They also affirm that submissions have not been previously published elsewhere. Contributors are required to resolve any copyright issues ahead of publication. If a paper is based on external research funding, the Author(s) will clearly acknowledge it.

Ovidius does not impose a house style. Submissions, however, must be internally consistent in formatting and referencing, particularly in footnotes and bibliography. Authors looking for guidelines are encouraged to use Cambridge University Press style (details to be found here).

Special formatting should be kept to a minimum, and submissions should arrive as double-spaced Word files in 12 point Times New Roman.  Upon submission, please draw the attention of the editors to any special requirements, e.g. graphs, artworks, maps, etc.

The preferred citation format for papers published in Ovidius is the following:

Lastname, Firstname (2024). ‘Title of the Article’, Ovidius 1: 1–14.