Intellectual Property and Errors/Legal Notices

Articles published in Ovidius are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence ( and remain the intellectual property of their Authors, who may use them or their contents in later publications upon informing the editors.

If the Editors and/or Editorial Board notice (or receive notifications of) mistakes or inaccuracies, conflict of interest or plagiarism in a published article, they will immediately notify the Author and will undertake the necessary actions to resolve the issue. They will do their best to correct the published content whenever they are informed that it contains scientific errors or that the Authors have committed unethical or illegal acts in connection with their published work. If necessary, they will withdraw the article or publish a recantation. All complaints are handled in accordance with the guidelines published by the COPE. Such concerns and complaints should be addressed to the Editors, and should include the following information: 1) complainant's personal information; 2) title, Author(s), publication date; 3) complaint(s); 4) declaration that the complainant has no conflict of interest, or declaration of an actual or potential conflict of interest.

If Authors find a mistake or an inaccuracy in their own work, they must immediately inform the Editors, providing all the information needed to make the required adjustments.

Ovidius is published by the International Ovidian Society, who is the final authority for its contents.