The Publication Process

Manuscripts submitted to Ovidius are initially reviewed by the Editors. At this stage, they may be rejected without being sent out for peer review if they are deemed unsuitable to the journal. If so, Authors are promptly informed. Other submissions are assessed through a double-blind peer review process, involving at least one reader chosen outside the Editorial Board. A third view may be sought if there is a clear disagreement between the two readers, and the Editors do not feel qualified to resolve it independently. Referees are chosen and approached by the Editors, who may seek preliminary advice from individual members of the Editorial Board.

Submissions are assessed on the basis of their intrinsic originality, rigour, and significance, and irrespective of the ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious beliefs, and scholarly, political or ideological orientation of the Author(s).

The Editors aim to reach a decision on all manuscripts within three months of submission. The final decision on the acceptance of a submission to Ovidius rests with the Editors, who will provide a full rationale for their conclusions to the Author(s). Their view is considered final, unless the Author(s) alert(s) them to an important factual error in the comments of a referee: in that case, the view of another external reader may be sought.